Estimation of the quality based on absence/presence of words in the TagParser lexicon.

yearnb of papers from the metadatanb of papers in PDFnb of papers in XML (= output of PDFBox)nb of non empty papers as extraction resultnb of papers with an abstract (from extraction)nb of papers with references (from extraction)nb of unknown wordsnb of known wordsnb of words of the contentevaluation of noise = pourcentage of nb of known words / nb of words of the contentevaluation of silence = pourcentage of non empty papers as extraction result / PDF docscombined evaluation of noise and silencenb of English papersnb of French papersnb of papers in another language (es+de+ru)

Note#1: the unknowns with initiale lower-case letter denote some full-size unknown words but often words which have been cut due to bad interpreation of PDF multi-columns by PDFBox.

Note#2: a paper without any content (i.e. without any body) is not taken in the pipeline. This situation may be the consequence of a processing problem or may be it is an invited presentation without any text.In constrast, a paper without abstract is taken.

Note#3: a paper without any content holds an entry in the metadata, and normally, each paper has an entry in the metadata.

Note#4: the combined evaluation is computed as: 2*EvalNoise*EvalSilence / EvalNoise+EvalSilence

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